Meet the new POWDER couple – WelleCo x May Lindstrom

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Image: MarySia Swim

WelleCo has collaborated with LA skin chef May Lindstrom to bring together two power powders for perfectly flawless skin. Inside and out. 


“The Problem Solver dates back to when I was focused on creating bespoke formulations for clients with severe skin issues ranging from extreme acne to all types of inflammation and trauma - dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, post radiation treatments and surgery. I knew this was a formula I needed to share with the general population. The impact this singular product can bring to your ritual is unparalleled, whether you are coming from a place of troubled skin or are simply looking to bring out your radiance further in an already balanced complexion.”

WelleCo: What do the key ingredients deliver?

May Lindstom: It is famous for the active heat sensation you feel as its blend of power-players get to work. A notable acne fighter and skin beautifier here is the very potent cayenne pepper. It stimulates blood flow to the skin, which enables oxygen and necessary nutrients to reach the cells. It reduces inflammation and swelling and delivers antioxidant carotenes, flavonoids and high concentrations of vitamins C, A and E.  It also contains nutmeg and clove for stopping breakouts in their tracks and softening spots and discolorations. Cinnamon for collagen stimulation and raw cacao for its insanely high antioxidant superpowers. Fuller’s Earth clay literally draws and absorbs oil from the skin and the healing nutrients of Red Alaea are absorbed directly through the skin and draw out and eliminate toxins.

The Problem Solver gets its signature black hue from activated bamboo carbon charcoal. In many parts of Asia this sexy sounding ingredient has been used for centuries for its ability to deeply and gently cleanse your pores, absorbing minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin. It is known as the “black diamond” of healers and addresses everything from acne to eczema with ease. Once brought to life with water, the bamboo charcoal releases beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

W: How quickly can we expect to see results?

ML: Immediately! The Problem Solver has extraordinary brightening qualities that reveal their effect at once, with heightened results revealing themselves over time with consistent use.