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We break down the diet and exercise regimes that keep our Co-Founder in great shape. Inside and out.

What do you always have plenty of in your fridge?

I make sure there is always plenty of organic locally sourced seasonal vegetables, fruit, proteins, nut milks, and snacks like hummus and tahini. I also have a sprouts dealer who delivers to my home in Miami. He brings me whichever sprouts he has plenty of at the time. I’m always hoping for my favourites - wheatgrass, pea, broccoli and sunflower. My other must-have is my dehydrator that I use for preparing soaked almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. It makes them lovely and crunchy whilst maintaining their health benefits. They make the perfect snack and topping for salads, and taste fantastic teamed with cinnamon, nutmeg and green stevia as a delicious add-on to granola.


For me, exercise is about enjoying sport and being outside as much as I can. It is simple advice Dr Simone Laubscher gave me 5 years ago, and I have found it really beneficial to my quality of life and the way I work out. I used to spend time inside the gym, but now I aim to move my body every day for an hour outside. I love swimming laps, hiking (if I’m in the mountains), or going for a walk and taking in the fresh air. Yoga remains a favourite workout for me, physically and mentally, especially Vinyasa flow. I try to make it to a class 5 days a week or practice outside in the fresh air. It’s so effective - a yoga class may only go for an hour, but the benefits last all day.

Do you have times when you don’t feel like working out? How do you find fresh motivation?

Of course, but I find enjoyment and being outdoors both great motivators. I also find mixing things up is fun and inspires me to move my body. One day it could be bike riding, surfing, or stand-up paddle boarding, and the next might be yoga or walking the dogs. A holistic approach to my health is key for feeling and seeing optimum benefits, inside and out.

Making sure I’m dressed in clothing that is beautiful, functional and practical also helps motivate me. P.E Nation, Goop and Gwyneth’s line G.Sport and Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Reebok are all clever meshes of high performance and minimalistic design that takes me from my work out to the street.

What do you usually eat before and after training?

I exercise in the mornings, and my first drink on waking is always hot water and lemon that I find gently wakes the digestive system and helps the detox process begin. Then I add 2 teaspoons of SUPER ELIXIR Greens to 500mL of filtered water and have my breakfast. I love a soaked chia seed pudding or raw oats with home-made almond milk, a little green stevia, and some delicious warm tasting spices like ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Mid-morning, I make myself a WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN Peruvian Chocolate smoothie with filtered water and half an avocado. It makes me feel energised and keeps me going until lunch. It’s my ideal go-to after exercising.

Your diet is mainly plant-based. How does it make you feel and what benefits have you noticed?

It is, and I have found that eating this way has transformed my health and my life. For me, absorbing plant-based wholefood nutrients is really effective. My body feels lighter, cleaner, leaner and I have so much more vitality. I don’t get sick as often because my immune system is supported, and because I am sleeping properly, I wake up feeling more rested, and my skin has improved dramatically - spotless and glowing.

What are your secrets for a fit body?

I try and take a holistic approach to wellness. When I get enough sleep, exercise, drink 3 litres of water a day, and nourish my body with wholefood plant-based nutrients at a cellular level, it shows on the outside. For this reason I aim to live every day as clean, green and active as I can. For me, it has had truly transformative effects.