The Super Elixir™

The Large Elixir Spoon


The perfect companion to your iconic WelleCo Caddy and The Super Elixir™ greens.


The Large Elixir Spoon not only scoops out the right amount of your daily greens but helps support a mindful beauty-through-wellness ritual. Just one scoop daily using the Large Elixir Spoon of The Super Elixir™, helps to help promote clear, glowing skin, better digestion, improved energy levels and an overall more positive outlook on life.



+ Completes your WelleCo Keepsake collection alongside the WelleCo Caddy and your favourite The Super Elixir™ flavour.


+ Dishwasher durable.


+ Just one spoon full provides the perfect amount of The Super Elixir™ to your daily wellness routine.


How To Use

1 spoon full measures out your daily dose of The Super Elixir™. Use daily with The Super Elixir™ to support a mindful beauty-through-wellness routine.