The Super Elixir™

Sleep Welle Calming Tea Unfilled Caddy


WelleCo's Iconic Caddy is a rendered gloss onyx UV-resistant glass, providing a practical solution for living your wellness journey consciously and plastic minimal. Offering a sustainable refill system, the Caddy protects the ingredeint quality whilst presenting a stylish, and visually striking reminder to take The Sleep Welle Calming Tea every evening.

Pair the Caddy with The Sleep Welle Calming Tea 50 tea bag Refill.

The Sleep Welle Calming tea bags are sold separately.



+ Simply fill with Sleep Welle Calming Tea for the ultimate nightly ritual and regenerative rest.


+ Includes an airtight seal and UV-resistant glass to preserve the quality of your Sleep Welle Calming Tea.


+ A striking visual reminder of new-found calm and deep rest.


+ Holds up to 300g.


How To Use

Fill our iconic caddy with your Sleep Welle Calming Tea. Simply cut the corner of your refill pouch at a 45° angle to minimise spillage.