The Super Elixir™

Nourishing Protein Unfilled Caddy


WelleCo's Iconic Caddy is a rendered gloss onyx UV-resistant glass, providing a practical solution for living your wellness journey consciously and plastic minimal. Offering a sustainable refill system, the Caddy protects the ingredeint quality whilst presenting a stylish, and visually striking reminder to take The Nourishing Portein daily.

Pair the Caddy with your preffered flavour of the WelleCo Nourishing Protein 300g Refill.

The WelleCo Nourishing Portein powder is sold separately.



+ Seal your commitment to wellness with this unfilled, celebratory Caddy. Then it's just as easy as refill, reseal and repeat.


+ Includes an airtight seal and UV-resistant glass to preserve the quality of your Nourishing Protein powder from the first teaspoon to the last.


+ Nourishing Protein is sold separately in chocolate and vanilla. A clean, lean, organic vegan protein that supports a strong body and boosts energy.


+ A visual statement that acts as a daily reminder to nourish.


+ Holds up to 300g of powder.


How To Use

Fill our iconic caddy with your Nourishing Protein in Chocolate or Vanilla. Simply cut the corner of your refill pouch at a 45° angle to minimise spillage.