The Super Elixir™

The Hydrator Bottle


The WelleCo Hydrator Bottle is the ultimate on-the-go reusable drink bottle. The black stainless-steel bottle keeps your water cold and tasting the way you like it, with no nasty metallic flavoured water. You can relax knowing it won’t spill in your bag when you are on the go.



+ Durable stainless-steel bottle to keep your water cool inside all day long.


+ Ceramic lined to ensure no nasty metallic flavoured water.


+ Spill proof reusable drink bottle.


+ Hand wash is preferred to prevent scratching of the stainless-steel.


+ BPA Free.


+ Hydrator bottle is 34 oz/1,000 mL


How To Use

Easy opening drink bottle. Twist the lid to completely remove off the bottle and easily twist the lid back on the bottle when finished. This drink bottle is spill proof, so you can relax knowing it won't leak in your bag.


Handle attached to the lid to easily transport and carry on-the-go when your hands are full.