What’s Ancient is New Again

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With more and more of us looking to nature for nurture, we gather the top primordial remedies enjoying a resurgence.


At this point in history, it can often feel like we are in the express lane of technological advancement. So much change. So much newness. So much that is, well, artificial. As Kendrick Lamar once famously rapped: “Show me something natural!” The guy has a point.  


For that reason, we are also witnessing perhaps an even more noticeable swing in the other direction. Simplicity, realness, authenticity and nature provides secure terrain for a lot of us.


With eons of lived experience, the natural world has gained our trust, which explains the high volume of searches for anything related to #ancientbeauty or #beautysecrets on Tiktok. So whether you’re consciously scrolling or frequenting your local health food store IRL, these trending, ancient solutions just might hold unsuspecting answers.


#blackseedoil (89.9 million views on Tiktok)


With the tagline, ‘Cures everything, but death’, Black Seed Oil has the fan base to prove it.


Once a go-to of the ancient Egyptians, this oil is harvested from the Nigella sativa plant and is known for its high concentration of quality compounds, including thymoquinone, which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


When applied topically, Black Seed Oil, which is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals can hydrate and soften skin. It can also improve skin conditions like acne and eczema.


When taken internally, it can boost the immune system (by increasing the production of white blood cells) and support heart health (by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress). It may also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s even been said to relieve respiratory issues (like allergies) by reducing inflammation and improving lung function. And it appeases the gut too by again reducing inflammation and promoting the growth of good gut bacteria.


Look for brands with TQ on the label (thymoquinone) to ensure you are getting all the benefits. .


#witchhazel (71.6 million views on Tiktok)


Witch hazel, also known as winter bloom or Hamamelidaceae, is native to North America and has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Can’t think recall that long ago? Simply flashback to the T.N. Dickinson blue sticker bottles of the nineties and you’ll see where we’re going here…


Witch hazel extract is a clear liquid derived from the leaves and bark of the plant. With anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, witch hazel soothes irritated skin, relieving itching or inflammation and reducing redness. Loaded with antibacterial properties, is also known for reducing acne and treating scalp and hair issues.


All in all, it is loved for its astringent ability to refine skin, minimize oil production, reduce the appearance of blemishes and kill certain bacteria.


#coconutpulling (51.2 million views on Tiktok)


Coconut oil pulling, also known as "oil pulling," is an ancient Ayurvedic purification practise our founder loves involving swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for several minutes each day.


Beginning in ancient India, this toxin removal technique is said to improve overall oral health as its antimicrobial properties help kill bacteria. But not only that, oil pulling also helps whiten teeth by removing stains and plaque build-up while it claims to remove bacteria that can lead to tooth decay.


Oil pulling can help reduce inflammation in the gums, which can promote healthy gums and prevent gingivitis. And then more broadly, it can improve digestion, reduce inflammation and support the immune system.


#guasha (1.8B view on Tiktok)


Gua Sha is a traditional healing technique stemming from Chinese medicine that involves using a smooth, flat tool to scrape or rub the skin in a specific pattern to stimulate circulation and promote healing.


Relaxing and loved by many, it’s been shown to be effective in reducing pain and muscle tension while improving skin health but the real draw card with gua sha is its magic way with circulation. It directly stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which can improve circulation and help to remove toxins from the body. This means it is also helpful for for the immune system.

The information in this article is not intended to be taken as medical advice. We recommend consulting your Healthcare Professional for advice on your supplement routine.