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When Erika Heynatz isn’t gracing Australian screen and stage, she’s a dedicated health and wellness devotee, known for her effortless glow and radiance. We got the scoop on her daily routines, skincare, diet and exercise.

WelleCo (W): What do you eat and drink in an average day?

Erika Heynatz (EH):For breakfast I usually have an omelette with spinach, avocado and fresh chilli or when I’m on-the-go, I’ll opt for a NOURISHING PROTEIN shake with wholegrain oats and peanut butter. I also drink a glass of home-brewed kombucha, veggie juice and coffee, alongside 1 litre of water with my SUPER ELIXIR Greens.


After years of feeling like my body rattled when I walked from taking a concoction of so many vitamins and supplements, I was immediately attracted to the idea of taking greens with an added pre-and probiotic and eliminating the need for a synthetic multivitamin.

Whilst protein shakes have long been a part of my diet, I’d been guilty of buying synthetic whey versions. NOURISHING PROTEIN tastes so much better, really boosts my energy and smashes my sugar cravings. I also always travel with the sachets, which means I’ve got a healthy convenient snack or meal on-the-go.


Come mid-morning, I’ll snack on a protein shake and some nuts and for lunch, I’ll have a chicken salad or chicken broth with veggies and kimchi, and another litre of water with SUPER ELIXIR Greens and a green tea.

For dinner, I have fish with veggies and buckwheat or rice, and fruit and yoghurt for dessert. I also drink a mineral water or kombucha.

Before bed, I drink water with magnesium, and a chai latte or herbal tea.

W: What did you experience when you first started taking SUPER ELIXIR Greens?

EH:I immediately started drinking more water because I liked the flavour of the greens. It definitely gave me a feeling of satiation, aided digestion, and I noticed a reduction in my abdominal bloating. Within a few weeks my skin had made a significant change in its hydration and clarity, and I also noticed an increase in energy.

W: What’s your exercise routine – and how do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like working out?

EH:I do Pilates three or four times per week at Vive Pilates. It’s an awesome studio with incredible trainers and great tunes. I really struggled post-baby to get my core strength back and had lots of injuries as a result. Now, I’m totally hooked and think my body is stronger and more toned than it was in my 30’s.

I also do boxing twice a week. I’ve only been doing it for a year but think it’s by far the best fitness training. I love the sweat, the focus, and it makes me feel badass again when I’m flagging in spirit or motivation.

Recently, I’ll surf a couple of times a week with a few other local mums in my neighbourhood. Despite being fairly average at it, I love that we cheer each other on, especially the more courageous we get, and it wipes my mind of any work or family stress. It totally blisses me out for hours afterwards.

I also like to go walking three times per week. I pick a fresh podcast and hit the bush trails or do a coastal walk. The combination of fresh air and fresh information always leave me feeling inspired if I’m feeling out of sorts.

W: Your career demands a lot from you - what are your top three tips for staying healthy, well and fighting fit?

EH: I meditate in the morning, follow a clean diet filled with fresh seasonal produce, and live an active life near the ocean with a daily vitamin D hit.  

W: You’re known for your gorgeous, effortless glow – can you share your beauty and skincare essentials?

EH:I’m a huge fan of monthly Omnilux light therapy and Priori peels. I’ve also recently tried Laser Genesis, which is really gentle and gives the skin a real boost without being too hardcore.

I think that sheet masks are the work of the gods. SK-II or Elizabeth Arden Pro are my favourites. When I wake up looking like I’ve had a big night at the disco (despite going to bed at 7.30pm!), I’ll slap on a sheet mask and it’s a dead-set miracle. It works wonders post-flight and pre-event.

Being the mother of a 3-year-old, I’m pretty heavy-handed on the concealer these days. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away are the best.

A great sunscreen is essential, I love tinted Invisible Zinc. It seems to last a lot longer on my skin than many others. I also don’t mind a judicious coat of San Tropez self-tanner to keep the summer glow going.

W: What’s your 10am energy pick-me-up?

EH:A NOURISHING PROTEIN chocolate shake, an almond milk piccolo, and a great Spotify playlist.

W: When you want to boost your glow, what are your go-to strategies?

EH: Back off the caffeine, cut the booze and salt, swap the red meat for fish, ramp up the water intake, go to bed earlier, spend longer in the ocean, take slower walks and longer breaths… and maybe a massive extra dollop of MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream in my moisturiser when all else fails! 

W: If you could give your younger self one vital piece of wellness advice, what would it be? 

EH: Stay away from caffeine loaded pre-workout supplements, the highly processed low-fat, low-cal foods and the hard-core hours of cardio.

I think that my adrenals, liver and digestive system are still recovering from ten years of the crap that I put my body through whilst trying to stay skinny as a model earlier in my career. My body functions so much better on clean energy, good fats, healthy produce and I get to experience a natural endorphin rush from moderate functional exercise that I actually enjoy, with the added benefits of strong immunity, mental clarity and recovery.