(Healthy) Festive Tipple

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Looking for a little something to sip pre-party? Try this beautifully festive aperitif made with super greens, hibiscus and mint. Cheers!



3 scoops SUPER ELIXIR Greens

10 leaves of dried hibiscus 

1 thumb of ginger 

8 cups of water 

1 lemon 

1 large mint stock 

Mix 3 scoops of SUPER ELIXIR with 3 cups of water, pour into an ice tray then freeze. Takes 3 hours. 

Boil hibiscus leaves and ginger with 2 cups of water for 30 minutes and allow to cool (approx. ½ hour).

Strain leaves out of the tea then add the rest of the water into the tea mixture. 

Serve hibiscus tea with SUPER ELIXIR ice cubes, a hint of lemon juice and mint.