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Symptoms of being toxic or too acidic

I see many patients each week complaining of fatigue and age seems to have less and less relevance. Acidity seems to be the main cause with lifestyles of too much stress, not enough rest, poor eating habits, excessive caffeine, alcohol, sugar and other stimulants to help one get through their week before collapsing on the weekend, to only start the whole vicious cycle again on Monday.


Fatigue is a symptom of being toxic or running too acidic. The problem arises from stimulant based food and drinks that allow us to keep up with our fast paced lifestyle which makes the blood and our tissues too acid.  

For example sugar, junk/rich food, dairy foods, caffeine and alcohol (which dominate most people’s weekends) are very acid forming. Our bodies cannot tolerate being toxic for too long and will go to great measures to return to its preferred alkaline state. Certain minerals act as an alkaline reserve so that if we do become too acidic we have a back-up plan and our neutralising minerals will buffer these acids so they may be eliminated from our body. These amazing neutralizing minerals include calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. As the saying goes ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ for this mineral reserve is not unlimited. If we continue to choose an acidic lifestyle this reserve will become exhausted and these minerals will be sourced from elsewhere and leached from our muscles or bones!

Microorganisms Thrive

When we run too acidic this allows microorganisms to thrive. Candida (which is simply the Latin name for yeast) is one such sneaky organism that thrives in an acidic environment. Candida is part of our immune system and should live in our gastrointestinal tract. It is part of the balance between good and bad bacteria and is not a problem unless it overgrows into our digestive and reproductive areas. Candida is fed by all foods listed above which make us acidic and this yeast also excretes poisons called mycotoxins into our system producing a double negative effect. This adds to our acidity which adds to fatigue and overall feelings of poor health.

      "I truly believe in beauty from the inside out: get your body well, 
          functioning well
on a cellular level, and that will iron out a lot
        of the issuesthat you may think can be helped with a quick fix."

                        - Elle Macpherson, Co-founder WelleCo

Alkalinity: The way forward

Alkaline fast track

  • Eat more plants and less animal products
  • Keep your caffeine intake to one per day (always 1 hour away from food to prevent a loss of minerals being absorbed into the body)
  • Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day
  • Limit alcohol and other toxins
  • 2 tsps of highly specialised alkalising super greens powder, THE SUPER ELIXIR™